About US

After talking about it for years, two idiots decided to finally take their unwarranted opinions on comic books to the masses. What better way to do that then through the wonderful medium of podcasts? Fast forward a couple more years, and we finally did it. The Longbox Podcast was formed. Often a bit crass, and always veering off topic The Longbox Podcast aims to discuss the week's newest comic books all while bringing a fresh take to that discussion. Also, we'll probably say something offensive. Sorry in advance. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions or questions. Enjoy the show!

Matthew Murphy

Matthew Murphy is a writer and podcaster based out of Yonkers, New York. At age 15, his lazy eye caught sight of an Ultimates trade paperback and life was never the same. In May 2014, he graduated from Manhattanville College with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. When he's not reading comic books or writing about them, he is at a 9-5 job to fund an online shopping addiction.


Tyler Olson

Tyler Olson is a writer, podcaster, and Fury Warrior all wrapped into one self-deprecating, burrito-esque person. Growing up with his dad's collection of Claremont X-Men books, comics have been a mainstay in his life. He even has a Chris Samnee Daredevil panel tattooed on his flesh. Cool? He likes to think he is, but most people might just consider him to be a bit of a superfan.