Episode 35: Watery Trap

Do you ever wonder what a therapy sessions with Matt would feel like? Well, wonder no longer because that's how this one starts. Well, minus the parts where Tyler busts his balls about his strange "death perception". We also talk comics, and loads of news including our thoughts on some non-comic movie trailers that were released this past week. Give it a listen and share with your friends and pets!

This week's books

  • Batman #11 by Tom King and Mikel Janin
  • Suicide Squad #6 by Rob Williams, Jim Lee, and Carlos D’Anda
  • Trinity #3 by Francis Manapul and Clay Mann
  • Nightwing #9 by Tim Seeley and Marcia Takara
  • Reborn #2 by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo
  • Kill or Be Killed #4 by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
  • Thanos #1 by Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato
  • All-New Wolverine #14 by Tom Taylor and Nik Virella
  • Jessica Jones #2 by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos
  • Infamous Iron Man #2 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

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