Episode 36: Ring Ring

Another week, another episode of Matt complaining about the state of Marvel comics. We know, you’re sick of him complaining but it makes Tyler laugh so it just can’t be stopped. That’s not to say comics weren’t enjoyed this week! Despite an Emma Frost heel change and more talking heads, we got an appearance by the Tolkein Avengers. On top of that, Matt and Tyler give a step-by-step process on how to call in to Aquafina and bring much needed change to America. Don’t understand? Well, you’ll just have to listen!

This Week's Comics!

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #9 by Rob Venditti and Rafa Sandoval

Action Comics #968 by Dan Jurgens and Tyler Kirkham 

Civil War II #7 by BNB and David Marquez

The Mighty Thor #13 by Jason Aaron and Steve Epting

All-new X-Men Annual #1 by Sina Grace, Rex Ogle, Andrea Broccardo, and Cory Smith

Death of X #4 by Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule, Jay Leisten, Javier Garron, and Aaron Kuder

Ultimates 2 #1 by Al Ewing and Travel Foreman

Venom #1 by Mike Costa and Gerardo Sandoval

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