The Read Pile - 8/17/16

Welcome to our new weekly segment, THE READ PILE. Every Tuesday, Matt and Tyler will talk about the three books they're most excited for that week. It'll be fun to see where we stand before we read the books, then after we read them. The Read Pile can also serve as your own guide to read along with us before the podcast drops. Hope you enjoy!


SUICIDE SQUAD #1Suicide Squad #1 by Rob Williams, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams begins a brand new run for the Suicide Squad after the team’s rather negative debut on the silver screen. Always a fan of Lee and Williams collaborations, I was sold when I heard Rob was taking over the title, loving his work on books like Unfollow and Ordinary. Not much is known about the plot but its 12 pages of Lee artwork with a Deadshot backup by Williams and Jason Fabok. Just take my money, DC, just take it.

SPIDER-WOMAN #10 - Spider-Woman isn’t a book I normally pick up week by week. It’s a fantastic book that I like to collect in trade but this issue from Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez has my interest piqued. Spider-Woman #10 sees a possible clash of ideals between Jessica Drew and her best friend, Carol Danvers, over the latter’s involvement in Civil War II. The main series might be boring but the tie-ins have consistently exceeded expectations so count me in for this issue.


Harley Quinn #2 is a book I feel a little strange about. After reading the debut issue of Harley Quinn Afterbirth (yes, that’s what it’s called), I felt a little confused being that I was a few arcs behind on the title. Having caught up this weekend, I am 100% ready to commit to a book where alien hotdogs turn people into zombies. Zombies destroying Brooklyn is exactly what we need to make America great again.




GREEN ARROW #5 - One word: Juan Ferreyra. Okay, maybe that's two words but this is my segment. I make the rules. Out of the onslaught of DC Rebirth books so far, Green Arrow remains at the top of my list. I'm not burnt out by the rapid shipping schedule like I've become for most of the other twice-monthly titles. Instead, I'm actually looking forward to the newest...Green Arrow issue?! I'm surprised too. A lot of the credit goes to the artists in this book, and this week brings back Juan Ferreyra to help wind down "The Death and Life of Oliver Queen" arc that Benjamin Percy started at the dawn of DC Rebirth. Even if you're not a fan of Oliver Queen, this book will at least be something amazing to stare at.

THE MIGHTY THOR #10 Jason Aaron and Russel Dauterman are killing it on this current volume of Thor. This arc sees Jane Foster being hounded by SHIELD agents who are trying to figure out who is under the helm of Thor, and trying to fend off her brand new rogues gallery led by Matt's favorite villain: The Exterminatrix. Aaron is really testing Jane Foster during this arc, and is throwing more at her than we've seen her handle. So far, it's been really great to see Thor (not Lady-Thor, just Thor) come into her own as a true hero. Not to mention, Russel Dauterman is doing some top-level pencils on this book that really cements him into Marvel's A-Team of artists. 

POWER MAN AND IRON FIST #7 - Every time an issue of PM&IF hits the stands, it's the first book I read. David Walker is writing one of the most fun comics coming from Marvel right now, and this arc looks to be taking things in a different direction. Whereas the last two arcs have been fun, buddy cop-esque romps through NYC, this Civil War II tie-in arc is tackling some real life issues that are extremely pertinent today. Walker is probably the most equipped writer to handle these themes at Marvel, and I'm excited to see where he takes this. Sanford Greene on art brings some real cartooning chops to the book, drawing what is now the definite image I have of Luke Cage and Danny Rand when I first think of the characters. Definitely worth checking out.