Episode 24: Matt vs The World

In a world where Tyler goes on a mysterious vacation to train to be Green Arrow, Matthew Peter Lawrence Murphy steps up to the stage for a solo performance! Yes, episode 24 of The Longbox Podcast is our very first solo episode. Unfortunately, Matt is the host so “Matt’s Porn Parody Corner” is apparently a thing. Aside from that brief, depressing discussion, this week’s episode discusses two cool announcements. Our interview with Nerd League was published on Monday as well as our first press outing to Flame Con last weekend! It’s an exciting episode with a little too much discussion on child predators. That’s right, ladies and gentleman and otherkin and non-binary friends, Matt finally watched Spawn: The Animated Series. More importantly, he read enough comics to fill a half hour of content!


·        Batgirl #1

·        Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

·        Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #3

·        Hellblazer #1

·        Deathstroke #1

·        Duck Avenger #0

·        Snotgirl #2

·        Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat

·        Star Wars #22

·        Captain America: Steve Rogers #4

·        Archie #11