Episode 44: Cucumbers

Matt and Tyler are back after a week off to discuss a pretty great week in comics! Matt breaks down the definition of the word "cuck" while Tyler cautiously listens to note where edits need to be made before posting this. Lots of new DC books are talked about, so be sure to listen with your cucumbers ready!

This Week's Books: 

  • The Wild Storm #1 by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt
  • The Mighty Thor #16 by Jason Aaron and Russel Dauterman
  • Captain America: Steve Rogers #11 by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz
  • The Clone Conspiracy #5 by Dan Scott and Jim Cheung
  • Nightwing #15 by Tim Seeley and Minkyu Jung
  • Batman #17 by Tom King and David Finch
  • Batwoman Rebirth #1 by Marguerite Bennet, James Tynion IV, and Steve Epting
  • Super Sons #1 by Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez
  • Archie #17 by Mark Waid and Joe Eisma

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