Episode 52: Most Honorable

Episode 52 is out! For our 52nd episode, we wanted to take a moment to honor our listeners who have stood with us through our nonsensical bullshit for the past year. It's our privilege to share our opinions on comics with you week after week and we're very grateful that you give us your time and patience. This week, we share our continued thoughts on RESURREXION and the positives and negatives of its opening titles. Also, Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer is out and we are very excited!

This Week's Books

  • Action Comics #977 by Dan Jurgens and Ian Churchill
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #18 by Robert Venditti and V Ken Marion
  • Suicide Squad #15 by Rob Williams, John Romita Jr., and Eddy Barrows
  • Rat Queens #2 by Kurtis Wiebe and Owen Gieni
  • Rose #1 by Meredith Finch and Ig Guara
  • Weapon X #1 by Greg Pak and Greg Land
  • Black Panther and the Crew #1 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and Butch Guice 
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson #21 by Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuña
  • X-Men: Blue #1 by Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina


  • Ardian Syaf saga
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer
  • Tom King teasing New Gods
  • Josh Brolin cast as Cable in Deadpool 2
  • Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp leaving Wonder Woman

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