Episode 62: Splash Page

Episode 62 makes a splash in this pun-filled weekly comic book discussion. Tyler talks about some fun facts regarding the Son of Sam, Matt audibly facepalms throughout the episode, and we eventually talk about comic books as well. I hope this whets your appetite (shut up, it's a better pun when said out loud) for the show. Aquaman! Looney Tunes! Shirtless Bear-Fighter and more on this week;s episode of The Longbox!

This Week's Books:

  • Aquaman #25 by Dan Abnett and Stjepan Sejic
  • Batman #25 by Tom King and Mikel Janin
  • Lobo / Road Runner Special #1 by Bill Morrison, Kelley Jones, and Saida Temofonte
  • Wonder Woman/ Tasmanian Devil Special #1 by Tony Bedard, Barry Kitson, and Ben Caldwell
  • Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 by Chip Zdarsky, Adam Kubert, Jordie Bellaire, and Gordon Parlov
  • W.M.D. #1 by Greg Park and Mahmud Asrar
  • The Mighty Thor #20 by Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson, Valerio Schiti, and Veronica Gandini
  • Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1 by Jody Leheup, Sebastian Girner, and Nil Vendrel

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