Episode 70: Cletus Kasady

Episode 70 is here! Now that we live in a post-69 world, Matt and Tyler are back to discuss the only real thing that matters anymore: COMIC BOOKS! The Longbox guys discover their new favorite series called Hi-Fi Fightclub. They talk about their time at FlameCon and NXT Takeover Brooklyn this past week. Nightwing, Secret Empire, Generations, and more are talked about as we delve into the Longbox for yet another week!

This Week's Books

  • Detective Comics #963 by James Tynion IV, Chris Sebela, and Carmen Carnero
  • Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #27 by Robert Venditti and Rafa Sandoval
  • The Kamandi Challenge #8 by Keith Giffen and Steve Rude
  • Manhunter Special #1 by Keith Giffen and Mark Buckingham, backup by Sam Humphries and Steve Rude
  • Nightwing: The New Order #1 by Kyle Higgins and Trevor McCarthy
  • Secret Empire #9 by Nick Spencer, Leinil Francis Yu, and Joe Bennet
  • Edge of Venomverse #5 by Clay McLeod Chapman and James Stokoe
  • Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor #1 by Jason Aaron and Mahmud Asrar
  • Generation Gone #2 by Ales Kot and Andre Lima Araujo
  • Hi-Fi Fight Club #1 by Carly Usdin and Nina Vakeuva

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