Episode 99: Lewd Kimono


Cover your feet and tie up your kimonos, listeners, because the Longbox boys are back. This week, Matt and Tyler tackle a lot of Marvel and possibly the worst issue reviewed on this show of 2018. (New Age of Heroes? More like New Age of Zeroes! Ha! We can hear you groaning from here, taste the bad jokes, plebe!) Tentacle Gang rides on so break out those headphones and let the sweet, sweet comics criticism cruise down those ear holes.

This Week’s Books:

  • Thanos #18 by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw

  • Exiles #1 by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Rodriguez

  • Domino #1 by Gail Simone and David Baldeón

  • Champions #19 by Jim Zub and Sean Izaakse

  • Venomized #2 by Cullen Bunn and Iban Coello

  • Captain America by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee

  • The Immortal Men #1 by James Tynion IV, Jim Lee, and Ryan Benjamin

  • The Dead Hand #1 by Kyle Higgins and Stephen Mooney

  • Isola #1 by Brendan Fletcher and Karl Kerschl

  • Snotgirl #10 by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung

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