Episode 116: Player 2 Scorpion

What’s up, Internet! You’re tuned into Episode 116 of The Longbox Podcast and...err...excuse me. It’s come to our attention that that’s another show’s intro. Matt and Tyler have video games on the mind this week with Insomniac’s epic new Spider-Man! Come get your fill of gaming impressions for the first time on our show along with your regularly scheduled comics reviews!

This Week's Books (and one Video Game):

- Spider-Man PS4

- The Amazing Spider-Man #5 by Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, and Laura Martin

- Fantastic Four #2 by Dan Slott, Sara Pichelli, and Marte Gracia

- Champions #24 by Jim Zub, Sean Izaakse, and Marcio Menyz

- Cemetery Beach #1 by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard

- Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakoa #1 by Dennis Hopeless, Djibril Morrisette-Phan, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Travis Lanham

- Crowded #2 by Christopher Sebela, Ted Brandt, Ro Stein, Triona Farrell, and Cardinal Rae

- Archie 1941 #1 by Brian Augustyn, Mark Waid, Peter Krause, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Jack Morelli

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