Episode 121: Bee Movie


The Longbox Podcast was too full of shit, figuratively and literally, to record last week and we want to apologize. Dairy is no longer a part of our diets and from this day forward, we are embracing a vegan lifestyle. This something we would say if we ever joined a cult so if you ever hear that in real life, please call a cop. Longbox is back to talk shit, literally and figuratively, and the comics this week are keeping it spicy.

This Week's Books:

- Heroes in Crisis #2 by Tom King, Clay Mann, Travis Moore, Tomeu Morey, and Arif Prianto

- Drowned Earth #1 by James Tynion IV, Howard Porter, and Hi-Fi

- X-Men Black: Emma Frost #1 by Leah Williams, Chris Bachalo, and Faucher, Vey, Livesay, Townsend, Mendoza, Antonio Fabela, Dan Brown, and Carlos Lopezq

- What If?: Magik #1 by Leah Williams, Felipe Andrade, and Chris O’Halloran

- Wytches Bad Egg Halloween by Scott Snyder, Jock, and Matt Hollingsworth

- Spider-Force #1 by Christopher Priest, Paulo Siqueira, Oren Junior, and Guru e-FX

- Extermination #4 by Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, Ario Anindito, Dexter Vines, Erick Arciniega

- West Coast Avengers #3 by Kelly Thompson, Stefano Caselli, and Triona Farrell

- Doom Patrol #12 by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Jeremy Lambert, Dan McDaid, and Tamra Bonvillai