Top 5 Comics In Trump's America

In three months, America will be witnessing the event of the century. The human carrot, Donald Trump versus the crooked lizard, Hillary Clinton, in the election to become America’s next president. Are you looking to make America great again with Trump? Here’s a list of five comics that’ll give you a preview of what a Trump presidency might look like.

Uncanny Avengers: The Red Shadow

Uncanny Avengers

So, you’re tired of immigrants coming into our country and making you feel unsafe? “The Red Shadow” is the first of arc of Rick Remender’s critically-acclaimed run on Uncanny Avengers and shows Trump readers the world they want. Red Skull, a Trump-esque figure in Nick Spencer’s current Captain America: Steve Rogers run, steals Charles Xavier’s brain and uses hate speech and telepathy to manipulate every day Americans to murder mutants on the streets of Manhattan. That kind of rhetoric sound familiar to you?

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Silver Surfer: Parable

Silver Surfer Parable

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. Giant world-eating alien comes to Earth and tells humanity that he’s their hope for the future. Hungry for power, he convinces them to believe in him, to fight for him, and to kill for him. No, seriously, you’ve had to have heard this before. It’s not just a story from Stan Lee and Moebius, it’s how Trump rose to power. Did I mention that Galactus, the world-eating alien in question, immediately betrays humanity and racks up millions in property damage while killing hundreds of New Yorkers?

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Jupiter's Legacy

Jupiters Legacy

Reader, take a moment, and imagine a world where all of your heroes had kids. Beautiful, super-powered kids who could control your entire world and there would be nothing you could do about. Imagine that they could be easily manipulated by people with self-interests that weren’t in America’s best interests. This is the story of Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s Jupiter's Legacy. Take out beautiful, super-powered kids and replace it with orange, racist mogul and you have the Trump campaign.

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“I am man. I am hope”. These are the final words that Lex Luthor says in Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s mini-series, Luthor, while staring at Superman flying away from his window. Luthor manipulates the narrative to make the reader believe he’s doing what’s best for mankind. At the story and character’s heart though, is fear and hatred. Luthor’s fear of change and what “foreigners”, Superman, could do to his legacy is extremely reminiscent of a certain wig wearing business man playing politics. Side note, Luthor became president in the DCU at some point and it still freaks me out.

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Greg Rucka and Michael Lark’s Lazarus is a gem of a comic. It’s also the comic that I think is the most reminiscent of a future where Trump wins the presidency. Let me paint this picture for you, the world’s wealth is held by a handful of family’s. They control a sect of the world each and the rest of the world lives in squalor. The poor are separated from the rich by fences and walls and held back by soldiers. America made great again, am I right?

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